While sincere Christians have different views on the second coming of Christ - A-millennialism, Post - millennialism, and Pre - millennialism, we would urge all believers to examine Scripture & church history in order to determine what is really true on these matters. 

A recent type of Premillennialism, known as dispensationalism, has plagued certain sections of the church of Jesus Christ.Namely found amongst American funnymentalists. This teaching is no more than 200 years old. It was invented by Edward Irvine, a Church of Scotland minister who was later charged with heretical teachings. It was further developed by John Nelson Darby. It was then made even more popular by the Scofield reference Bible. 

In the 1970s this erroneous doctrine gained popular acceptance with the film release of Left Behind, and some years later a series of books published by Tim Lahay by the same title. 

We would highly commend the listening of the two videos below.