All  our services are operating as normal


Lord's Day Sunday

11:00 am - Morning worship

18:30 pm - Evening worship

All Welcome!




Our church services aim to be straightforward, simple, and reverential. Our worship includes the following: prayer, the singing of psalms and hymns, and a preached sermon. It is important to note that the preaching, and listening, of the sermon is also an act of our worship.


We meet morning and evening. This is after the pattern of the morning and evening sacrifices of the Old Testament, the pattern of the New Testament where the people of God met often, and that the whole of the Lord’s Day is to be kept, not just a small part. Unless circumstances genuinely dictate otherwise, we would encourage all to join with us at both services of worship. This being done out of our love toward God, encouragement to other believers, and the betterment of our own souls.


The highest act any man, woman, or child can ever perform is to worship the true God and Creator, which is what we were created for, as it says in the Shorter Catechism 'What is the chief end of man?' The answer to that most important question is, 'Man's chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him for ever.'


Our worship is therefore to be aimed at giving glory and honour to God, and only then to be for our enjoyment. Of course our highest joy is only ever experienced when we please God in our acts of worship; be that in our daily lives or in our corporate act of worship. Our worship is always to be God centred and never man centred. This we seek to do with God's help.




     Morning Worship: 11:00 am

     Sunday School: 10:00-10:45 am

     Evening Worship: 6:30 pm


      Tuesday: 7:00pm

"I cannot understand Christians who do not go to the prayer meetings. After I was converted I would finish a days work at seven o' clock in the evening, and I would motor seven miles to the prayer meeting, and I did not think I was doing anything splendid. I quite honestly cannot understand professing Christians who do not want the fellowship of their fellow-believers, and of their shepherd, and of their shepherd's Shepherd, at the prayer meeting and the Bible study."

Rev. Douglas Macmillan



      Saturday: 11:30am