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We are a group of ordinary men, women, and children, who share a common bond together. We come from all walks of life, backgrounds, experiences, and nationalities. Yet we meet for the chief purpose of worshipping our God.

We are a traditional, conservative fellowship. We sing metrical psalms (the hymn book of the Old and New Testament church) and traditional hymns. 


No matter what a person's background and failings may be, we believe the answer to this world's problems lay not in man's clever inventions and schemes, but in a living relationship with our Creator, who has made us all in His own image. That relationship and image has been marred and ruined by what the Bible calls sin. This is a state into which we are all born. This is what's gone wrong in our world. All the broken relationships, family breakdowns, moral corruptions, wars, famines, and other world disasters, all stem from this one big problem -man's broken relationship with his Creator.

The wonderful news we have come to know and experience is found in the person of Jesus Christ. His very name, Jesus, means Saviour. He came into our world to take the punishment we deserve. He came to reconcile us back to God. As God is holy, perfect and sin hating, He cannot have fellowship with us. This could only ever happen if His just law, which we've all broken, has been satisfied and justice done. This was done fully and completely when Jesus, God's perfect and only Son, died on a Roman cross. He not only died but rose again to life three days later.


It is through this one Saviour that eternal life has been bought for sinners who will truly repent and be sorry for their sin and trust in Him fully who died to take sin away. We have come to know what real life is all about. We would love you too to come and find the same Saviour! 

Westhoughton Evangelical Church, formally known as Central Hall Mission, have been a worshipping community since 1889 ! 

The following men have served our church in leadership roles since 1889, when our church was first formed:
1889 Mr R. Clough
1946-1948 Rev A Wood
1949-1953 Rev A Neil
1954-1959 Mr R Floyd
1960-1963 Mr S Mason
1963-1966 Mr JP Wright
1965-1966 Rev JT Orrell
1966-1971 Mr S Mason
1971-1982 Mr HP Crossley
1982-1986 Mr J Anderton
1986-1992 Rev GE Lane
2003-2021 Rev S Holland
2021- present Pastor Philip Mallon


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