Doctrinal Basis

Westhoughton Evangelical Church is a Reformed Baptist church holding to the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. We are reformed in our doctrine and in our practise. We reject however all forms of hyper-Calvinism which stunts church growth and evangelistic zeal.


We rejoice with all true believers in the faith who love Jesus Christ in sincerity and truth. Whilst we believe in true separation from error we reject the legalistic and Pharisaical attitude of hyper-separation found in some professing believers. We separate on major points but never on the minor. We believe the unity of the local church to far outweigh the minor differences found amongst the Lord's people. 


In connection with the above we do separate from the Charismatic Movement and the Ecumenical Movement. We hold to the superiority of the King James Version of the Bible to modern versions, though would not hold to KJV Onlyism

Please click the link below to PDF version of the Baptist Confession of Faith 1689, to which we fully subscribe: